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All about the Tenchi series

Names and hair colors: Mihoshi-blonde, Ayeka-purple, Ryoko-grey, Washu-red, Tenchi-black, and Sasami-sky blue

Each character will recieve a * ratio on coolness. ***** is the best and * is the worst.

My recent "Favorite Quote" is: Mihoshi> *After much much explaining* So what ur saying is there's no way out?! *she bursts into tears* Washu> Where were you when they were handing out brains?

Tenchi! The main character and his name featured in the title of the three series: Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi in Tokyo, and Tenchi World. Almost everyone is madly in love with him, and they have their reasons ^-^. Tenchi can be seen running from Ayeka and Ryoko daily.****

Washu! Probably my favorite in the series, Washu is a fun loving scientist who sometimes seemingly more than just wants Tenchi as an experiment. Washu is good with babies and although she is quite old, she's short and still acts young and happy. You can't help but love her hair!*****

Ryoko! I like Ryoko's attitude and her cat fangs, and sometimes it's fun just wondering what life would be like if she married Tenchi ^-^. That's not happening anytime soon, and I'm not saying if it did it wouldn't be chaos. I'm just saying that I think Ryoko deserves Tenchi a lot more then Ayeka deserves him.****

Ayeka! The infamous Tenchi flirt with purple hair a lot bigger then her brain. Ayeka is a Jurain (Jer-ie-in) Princess, sister of Sasami. Ayeka is one of the many madly in love with Tenchi, but also one of only three who freely express their love. She's not one of my favorites, but she can be extremely funny.***

Sasami! Sometimes known as Tsunami, Sasami seems to like Tenchi but is quite modest about showing it. As a matter of fact she in her older form and Tenchi would make quite a nice couple. The question is, does he like her?***

Mihoshi! The dumb blonde who always seems somehow better at almost everything than Ryoko and Ayeka. Doesn't show any liking for Tenchi but probably does secretly admire him in her usually stupid heart. Everyone thinks she and Tenchi make a good couple. Suuuuure...*****

Kiyone! A very intelligent blue haired Space Policewoman. Oh my gosh, she doesn't like Tenchi! It's a miracle! Mihoshi's partner, Kiyone always seems to be catching the bad guys and saving Mihoshi. It's a hard life.***

Sakuya! Many have trouble pronouncing her name. She is Tenchi's "girlfriend" and drives all of Tenchi's noble addicts insane. Sakuya and Tenchi get along well, yet don't really have much free time for eachother. Not quite the perfect match.*

Ryo Ohki! The adorable female cabbit (cat-rabbit hybrid), Ryo Ohki hatched from an egg. Ryoko insisted on the name but Ryo Ohki is mainly Sasami's. She seems to have a slight crush on Ken Ohki or at least wish to be good friends.*****

Ken Ohki! I love this cabbit. He's kind of a dumb blonde but he's really sweet. He is not evil like his owner and seems to have a crush on Ryo Ohki too^-^. Also, like Ryo Ohki, shares the talent of transforming into a spaceship, floating, and turning into crystals.******! I LOVE THIS ADORABLE FURBALL!

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