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Kes's Anime Emporium

Humans and Digimon from my second favorite anime show, Digimon: Digital Monsters


Taichi Kimayi (Tai) Tai is the leader of the old Digidestined. He's a cool kid who's twelve years old. He wears jeans and a really great short sleeved shirt. He likes soccer alot and is on Sora's team. He started out with Koromon for his Digimon. It Digivolves into Agumon, then Greymon, then Metalgreymon, then Wargreymon. Tai is friends with Sora and has been for a long time, even though he once accidentily threw up in her hat. Tai not only loves soccer, he also loves something else that starts with an s. Try Sora! Tai has the Crest of Courage! He IS pretty couragous!

Yamato Ishido (Matt) Matt is a the coolest of the Digidestined, although he always is fueding with Tai. The two of them have become arch enamies! Matt is TK's older brother, and acts a little overprotective of him. Matt started with Tsunomon. It digivolves into Gabumon, then Garurumon, then Weregarurumon, then Metalgarurumon. Even though Matt is frequently fighting, he's a really nice guy. He holds the Crest of Friendship, and is really friendly with the other Digidestined.

Sora Takenouchi Sora is a pretty girl who loves soccer and is the same age as Tai. She is on Tai's soccer team. She always wears jeans too. Sora started with Yokomon. It Digivolves into Biyomon, then Birdramon, then Garudamon, then Phoenixmon. Sora has no siblings, and thinks she has no love for anyone. But she does really love her mother and her friends, and even if she doesn't realize it she's a big flirt around Tai. That's why SHE has the Crest of Love!

Koushiro Izumi (Izzy) Izzy is QUITE the computer genius of the Digidestined. He goes into a whole new world when on his computer. He once was so into his computer, he didn't notice Mimi so she started to cry! Yet Izzy often saves the day with his laptop. He started off with Motimon. It Digivolves to Tentomon, then Kabuterimon, then Megakabuterimon, then Herculeskabuterimon. He has the Crest of Rocket Science. PSYCHE! Fooled ya! He has the Crest of Knowledge (same thing).

Mimi Tachikawa Mimi is very fussy. Her favorite color is pink (how'd ya guess?). Dhe hates dirt and exercise, and slacks off oten. She gets to be treated like a princess at home so she isn't used to all the walking. She's still very nice to her allies, though. She started off with Tanemon. It Digivolves into Palmon, then Togemon, then Lilymon, then Rosemon. She's very sincere and keeps her promises (eventually). Her Crest is the Crest of Sincerity, and she's in love with Joe (ever notice how he helped her up in an episode and waited for her? And she and Joe went off together alone for a long time!).

Joe Kido He's allergic to almost everything substance on the periodic table! He's a brave combatter and a good doctor under all that wussiness, though. He saved poor Ogremon. His doctoring skills would probably be very useful in Digimon 02. He started with Bukamon. It Digivolves to Gomamon, then Ikakumon, then Zudomon, then Marineangemon. Joe has the Crest of Reliability. The Digidestined would all be dead without Joe's reliability. He always stops them from doing stupid things, and is in love with Mimi (see details in Mimi's description).

Takeru Takaishi (TK) T.K. is the same age as Kari. He may be small, but he's brave. He saved the Digidestined from being controlled by Puppetmon. Puppetmon had Voodoo dolls! T.K. really loves his older brother, but doesn't need Matt around every second! He really wishes the Digiworld and Real World will be safe. He started with Tokomon. It Digivolves to Patamon, then Angemon, then MagnaAngemon. T.K. has the Crest of Hope. He hopes that Patamon will Digivolve to the stage after Angemon.

Hikari Kimayi (Kari) Kari knew about the Digimon the same time as the other Digidestined. She was sick with the flu so she had to stay home. The Digidestined found her with much work and are now joined up with her. She has Nyaromon. It Digivolves to Salamon, then Gatomon, then Angewomon, then Magnadramon. Her co-champion is Nefertimon. She is always caring about Gatomon and T.K. She relies on Tai. Tai is like her best friend (besides T.K.). She has the crest of light. Hikari is Japanese for light! She and TK are the two main characters in Digimon 02.

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