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Kes's Anime Emporium
Gameboy ROMs That Kick!

Gameboy ROMs

Here are all my recomended ROMs. If there is one you want and don't see here, e-mail me at and I'll get it on here a snap! Remember, you need a Gameboy Emulator to play the ROMs ^.^

Gameboy Emulator

A really good Gameboy Color emulator. You need an emluator to use the ROMs, so here it is ^.~

Bomberman Quest

Bomberman Quest is very fun because you go around defeating little monsters in a world of full color. It's a very cute RPG, yet tough with unrealistic bombs. It's American and I give it ****


Croc is an awesome American game, where you're a cool crocodile who bounces from level to level. You collect items and stomp baddies, and the color is great, so I give it *****

Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters is my personal favorite game, although this version is in Japanese. I really enjoy it and it's great graphics and color. There are a variety of monsters and breeding makes the game extremely original. I give it *****

Harvest Moon

This is a colorful game. I love it because you can choose to be a boy or girl, and you choose your pet and its name. It's fully American as most of the ROMs on this site are. It's mainly realistic but a lot more fun then real life. I give it a full *****

Kirby's Block Ball

Kirby's Block Ball is very fun for a paddle ball game. It's American and color as all the Kirby games here, but I don't have many comments...just try it, I guess! I give it a *****

Kirby's Dream Land

Kirby's Dream Land...very good, American, full color. If you play this game you MUST play Kirby's Dream Land 2! Kirby's Dream Land makes me think *****!

Kirby's Dream Land 2

Better then Kirby's Dream Land, the sequal is a must if you have played the original. In American and color, it receives *****

Kirby's Pinball

Hmm, good, but could be better, but is still one of my favorites...all American, all color, yet it only gets ****

Kirby's Star Stacker

Nice with short intermissions, this fully color American game is a very cute yet challenging Kirby game. *****

Pokemon Silver

It's the ROM every Pokemon fan is looking for. Pokemon Silver, in full color and roughly 100% American! There's no catch, it's just a perfect deal for you! Even if you hate Pokemon, try it. Who knows, you might enjoy making fun of it or maybe you'd start to like Pokemon. This game gets a *****+

Quest For Power

Quest for Power is EXTREMELY fun. You get to choose an action figure and fight it. I know it sounds dull, but I happened to download it and it really KICKZ! It gets a *****+ like Silver Version did.

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