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Kes's Anime Emporium
My Somewhat Stinky Art

My Somewhat Stinky Art

Click a thumbnail to see the full piccy!

Don't make fun of my artwork!

Looks like the Powerpuff Cheeks didn't like me laughing at Kes's art...I'm so sorry! Sniffle


A picture made by me from scratch not looking at any pics, I'm very proud of me. It was my monster picture on my computer, but I love it A TON! His name is Chinka and he's a Mechamon (made by Laurel).


This is a picture of Mimi I drew from scratch. It took me a little while but it sure was worth it! ^.~

Cerberus wanna be, Cinnibar

This is a little doggy I made up. Her name is Cinnibar and she's a Cerberus wannabe (Cerberus is the fire-breathing dog that guards the gates to hell). Unfortunately, she likes flowers and she has an angel halo and white horns...*giggle*


I think this is my personal favorite drawing I've done from scratch. I drew her on blank white paper with a pencil and scanned her up, then I colored her in with Adobe Photshop 5.0 Limited Edition (it came with our scanner). Isn't she SOOO cute? Click her to sign up on neopets and then you can adopt a Zafara too! ^.^


Zinc in crayon

Zinc in colored pencil

Piccies of my wittle addictive fox! I WUV HIM! His name is Zinc but I call him Zinc-a-marinky-dinky-dink! ^.^



Two kool Digimon I made up, but I didn't color the sketches. Oh well!

Lilith with a Pokeball

Lilith as a baby

Two piccies of Lilith, the Gatomon with attitude I turn into when I'm sad. The lower piccy is her as a baby (now she likes all animals) and the pic higher up is her as she'd look today.


A pic of Kessykins, my hybrid form I turn into when ticked off. Aint she cuteiful?

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