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Anime Adoption Zenter


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Kes's Anime Emporium

Don't disturb the babies!

Click to Adopt a  Pokemon

Meet Vampeeress!


Attacks: Flower Storm, Rose Typhoon, Vampire Bite, Kiss of Doom

Go to Kes's Anime Emporium and adopt a character of your own!

Click on the picture of whomever or whatever you want to adopt to get the html for it.

Using a server besides Tripod: You have to put the HTML at the bottom of any page with no writing below it or else it doesn't work! Don't forget to fill in the words!

Using Tripod: Click the 'Add web gem' button and click the 'Add it here' wherever you want to add it. Choose the 'Build your own web gem' and paste the HTML. Don't forget to fill in the words!

***Pokemon/Pokemon characters*** For Adoption

Pi (Clefairy's deevolution)

Bubii (Magmar's deevolution)




Pichu (Pikachu's deevolution)


Igglybuff (Jigglypuff's deevolution)

Three Starting Gold/Silver Pokemon (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile)

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